On Aging

A seasoned woman wants flattering silhouettes in natural fibers, having simple, refined lines, smart tailoring and fun with clever details. She may want a jacket to cover her arms, a higher rise in her pants, skirts and dresses hitting the middle of the knee length, flats, if tights-dark only. She likes nuanced sexy, great statement coats  and other shapes that don’t inhibit movement or overwhelm. A seasoned woman is wise and fortified; she appreciates a great haircut and color or going out full white, well cared for hands and feet. These women have seen all the trends…they were more distinguishable in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

They know what works now and what was fun …then.

Style for her is knowing about what and why of her consistent sartorial adventure. Polished, with a solid awareness of what is proper, without compromise, and expedient… She moves fluidly through her world.

I believe women of a certain age have an elevated state of je ne sais quoi.

She feels good in her body and in what she is wearing and will project this intangible energy via clothing. She is authentic and individual. A seasoned woman is wise and fortified. She has connected all the dots that describe her journey. This woman has shed her cloak of invisibility; she uses her voice when speaking her mind or making her choice, she doesn’t wait to be asked. The invisible mental and emotional workloads have eased, and irrelevant issues fall away. She chooses well, takes care of what she owns and loves what she wears.

I believe women are even more attractive, stronger, and healthy after an asana practice, meditation, hiking, gardening, or connecting with nature.

It is about producing endorphins in the body, fueling it and caring for it lovingly. This is a discipline and a practice that prepares her to be spontaneous for all that life offers to her.